Back Online

Thanks to you all, and the patience that you showed while we unexpectedly had an update gone bad. The Website is back up - and a brand new responsive one too! So, each and everyone of you no longer have to hold your breath in concern. Please receive our heartfelt "Thank You" for not giving up the ghost.

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Three Additional Six Shooters' Fusion Repeaters (A/D)

Mt. Woodson
449.780 (-) PL: 141.3 Tx/Rx
DSQ Code 120
Mt. Otay
146.910 (-) PL: 100.0 Tx/Rx
DSQ Code 120
Rattlesnake Mtn.
448.940 (-) PL: 141.3 Tx/Rx
DSQ Code 120

Ham Radio Offers...

  • A Common Bond

    Friendships can develop and bring people together from around the world.

  • Technical Learning

    Learning that may help you in a technical career and/or become an exciting hobby.

  • Emergency Comms

    When power is down, Hams are ready to help during disasters.

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MEETING: 3rd Monday/mo. at 7pm

Marie Callender's, La Mesa, CA 

Annual/Biannual Events

  • Field Day
  • Frys Day
  • Picnic
  • Ho, Ho!

2017 Field Day, June 24 & 25

ARRL Field Day is the most popular on-the-air event held annually in the US and Canada. On the fourth weekend of June, more than 35,000 radio amateurs gather with their clubs, groups or simply with friends to operate from remote locations. READ MORE

Frys Operating Day

Twice per year local Hams from the SoCal area converge on San Diego's Frys Electronics parking lot. There purpose is to put eyeballs on the Hams they talk to regularly, show off their latest home-brew build and display Ham Radio to the public.

Six Shooters Picnic

As fall closes in, San Diego Six Shooters holds its annual picnic at Santee Lakes. It's a relaxing time for the whole family to cookout, chat with one another and - if you like, take a leisurely stroll or go fishing. Usually there's a 'talk-in' station set up.

Six Shooters Christmas Party

To round out the year, San Diego Six Shooters pulls out all the stops and hosts its Annual Christmas Party. Good food, great friends and great prizes are given away. Plus, a Grand Prize raffle is held. What's the grand prize? A hot rig, of course! :)

Club Membership

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Nets on the Air

  • Monday Night SSB Net +

    Net is held on Monday nights at 8:00pm PST on 50.200MHz USB.
  • Wednesday 'Shoot Out' +

    Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm on 53.580MHz, 103.5 PL - Hosted on the N6LXX repeater system
  • Friday 'The Original' Net +

    Friday nights at 8:00pm, 53.580MHz, 103.5 PL, the long-running 'Original' San Diego Six Shooters Amateur Radio Net on the N6LXX
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Ham of the Year

 The Angelo Boccia, WB6MNR, Annual Memorial 'Ham of the Year' Award

This special award goes to the Ham who is known is a top contributor to Six Shooters and the local Ham community.

Angelo Boccia was one of the original members at the founding of the club. His dedication, innovation and ceaseless willingness to help, over the years, has been an example to those who knew him here at Six Shooters. We celebrate Angelo's long-time participation by declaring the annual Six Shooters Ham of the Year Award in his memory.

Also, in Angelo's gracious style, we would also like to remember other Silent Key members of Six Shooters who have gone on before us. You may hear their names from time to time.

2017 Recipient? CLICK HERE